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Life cycle of Plasmopara viticola

Die ersten Symptome der Rebenperonospora sind Ölflecken auf der Blattoberfläche.

I. Sexual cycle (winter): a. fertilization b. oospore c. release after leaf decay in autumn d. germination of oospore e. hatching of zoospores

II. Asexual cycle (summer): a. differentiated and undifferentiated sporangium b. hatching of zoospores c. zoospores with germ tube d. mycelium in the leaf interior e. sporangiophores emerge

Life cycle of Esca

Lebenszyklus von Esca

I. infection through wounds

II. Pre-critical phase a. growth in wood fibers and xylem parenchyma b. defense response by the plant: formation of phenolic compounds

III. Critical phase a. Stress (e.g. drought, heat) b. The fungus detects a capitulation signal from the host

IV. Terminal phase. Production of fungal toxins. Breakdown of the host. Sexual propagation of the fungus

Life cycle of Powdery Mildew (oidium)

Lebenszyklus Echter Mehltau (Oidium)

I. Sexual cycle (winter): a. overwintering in buds b. cleistothecia c. ascus with ascospores d. conidia (ascospores) on leaf surface e. germination of conidia f. primary infection

II. Asexual cycle (summer): a. infected buds b. infected leaf covered with conidiophores c. hyphae on the leaf surface

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